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Send me a message if you have any questions not covered here or any that you would love more clarification on.

  • Where do you attend births?  

Wherever you choose to birth! I support births in hospital settings, birthing centers, and homes. I've even supported birth at a hotel! Wherever you are most comfortable giving birth, I will support you.

  • My hospital is only allowing one support person during COVID restrictions. Now what?! 

I can come to your home before you are ready to go to the hospital and then continue with virtual support over Zoom once you and your partner are at the hospital. If you have chosen to also include photography, I can capture images of you laboring at home, and then come back for a 'fresh 48' once you are discharged from the hospital with your new addition.


  • Do you accept payment plans? 

Yes! I know it can be tricky to cover the full amount in one payment. I'm willing to create a custom payment plan according to your needs because I want you to be able to make this work! I do require a 300$ deposit, due when you sign your contract so I can add you to my calendar. 

  • Are you open to trades/bartering?

Yes! Trading skills can be a wonderful win/win! I have bartered for all sorts of goods and services and am willing to consider all offers. Get creative!  

  • When should I book with you?  

As long as I have availability, you can get on my calendar at any point in your pregnancy. However, most birthing people schedule in their second trimester. This gives us the time to get to know each other and develop a comfortable relationship before your birth. However, if you are late in your pregnancy and just now deciding to hire birth support, don't hesitate to reach out! I've been hired as early as a positive pregnancy test and as late as early labor! 


  • Do you share all the birth photos you take (including crowning images or images containing nudity)? 

No! This is such an intimate time. I will NEVER share anything that makes you or your partner uncomfortable. You determine what you are comfortable with me sharing, (if any). Your privacy is the most important thing to me. 


  • Do you use flash during your birth sessions? 

I can capture images with our without flash, so this is your preference. With flash, I am able to capture higher quality images by bouncing the light off the ceiling, providing my camera with the light adequate to capture the smallest details. The flash is never pointed at you or the baby, and most people don't even notice it. I can and do take images exclusively with the natural, available light if that's something you are more comfortable with.

  • What if you get sick or can’t make my birth? 

I have never missed a birth, however, if any emergency were to arise I have a wonderful partnership with another fabulous doula/photographer who can cover until I am able to get there. I will still edit all your photos myself.

  • Since you're a student midwife, do you have midwives you are more familiar with and would recommend?  

Yes! I have had the pleasure of working with some fantastic midwives in our community and I would love to recommend some. 

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