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Utah county Birth Doula



I'm Kera, the doula and photographer here. I am the proud mother to three wonderful children who are here with me and one son lost through stillbirth at 35 weeks. When I'm not at a birth, I'm homeschooling my three rascals and studying to become a midwife, while dreaming about having a hobby farm somewhere in the Pacific Northwest! I'm drawn to those who recognize the transformative potential birth has for families; those who value the sacredness and vulnerability of this time and desire to make intentional choices as they birth their new life into this world. 

I've been attending births for 4 years now, and supported medicated, unmedicated, cesarean, and VBAC births. My own birth experiences have been incredibly different and fundamentally influenced my perspective on birth.

My first was an OBYGN managed birth. I was induced without medical necessity and without understanding the risks involved. I narrowly avoided an emergency cesarean section due to induction complications. The experience left me full of questions and I really dove into educating myself about birth interventions.

  My second pregnancy ended in a stillbirth at 35 weeks, and I ended up with another induction that I had really hoped to avoid. There were so many aspects to birthing a baby that I couldn't take home that I was unprepared for, and the management of my pregnancy and birth opened the door to another perspective on grief and birth, intertwined. This became my motivation to train as a bereavement doula several years later. 

  I had planned for an unmedicated birth in the hospital with my third child but ended up with a manipulated, abusive experience that brought with it a lot of physical and emotional trauma. My recovery was very difficult, with severe postpartum mood disorders that took me to the darkest place I've ever been, emotionally. Again, my view was shifted- this time involving birth trauma and postpartum care for mothers. 

   My fourth birth healed me and showed me what an empowering, deliberate birth can be. After switching providers several times, I finally found my team in my third trimester with a birth-center/ homebirth practice and doula support. They took the time to hear me, and give me individual care. I birthed my baby in the water, with respect and patience from the people surrounding me. For the first time birthing, I felt safe and prioritized.


My passion for birth work was ignited. 


You deserve that same respect and support, regardless of where and how you choose to birth. I'm here. 

If it sounds like we will be a good fit, send me a message! I'd love to meet with you and hear about the birth you envision. 

Utah County Birth Doula
Birth Doula Kera Lyman, Utah and Salt Lake County
Kera Lyman, Salt Lake county Birth Doula at Deliberate Beginnings
Utah Birth Doula, Student Midwife
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